Leadership and People Management

Liderança e Gestão de Pessoas Leadership and People Management

Leadership and People Management

The best organisational results are achieved through good leadership by competent and motivated people, with potential to evolve, organised into high performance teams.

Increasingly, the success of organisations depends on having the best and most aligned people, capitalising on their skills. Want to achieve better results? Have better leaders.

Programmatic Contents

I.Organisational impact:

Organisational culture and microculture;

Internal equity vs. external equity;

Better climate, more performance;

Internal communication.

II.Leadership and Resilience:

Understanding resilience;

Intra and interpersonal resilience (Self-concept, self-esteem and self-image);

The three "boxes" of decision making;

Resilience in an organisational context and the success of resilient organisations.

III. Leader Coach / Mentor:

Understanding the Coaching;

Empathy and communication;

Powerful questions;

Developing people;

Coaching e Mentoring;

Mobilise people / win ambassadors.

IV.Leading in Practice:

Leadership styles and the references in leadership;

Leading by example and Leading toxic people;

Emotional Intelligence.

V.Leadership and Negotiation:

Negotiation process: barriers vs. negotiation strategies;

Negotiation WinWin;

The art of compromise (reaching the goal);

Influence and conflict management.

VI. Case studies

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