Challenges of an international career


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The Header™ Executive Talks, version 2022, are informal conversations, without a script, about people and organizations. In each edition we will have a special guest who will come to talk to us about a wide variety of topics, mainly related to people management, careers, labour market and several other subjects. Interested? Then, come and take this trip with us.

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Episode 2

Challenges of an international career

Rui Nascimento Alves

Human Resources Manager - Banco de Portugal

Rui Nascimento Alves has a career linked to People Management, mostly in the pharmaceutical industry, having been responsible for several geographical areas (EMEA, ASPAC, Emerging Markets, etc.). In his career, he has managed many expatriates and has been an expatriate himself. In this conversation, Rui talks about the "Challenges of an international career". Not only in the indispensable characteristics to be an expatriate, but also the management of the expatriation and, something often neglected, the return of the expatriate; who will certainly have a career expectation that may be difficult - or even impossible - to fulfil. It was a very interesting conversation, which we now share with you all.