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The Header™ Executive Talks, version 2022, are informal conversations, without a script, about people and organizations. In each edition we will have a special guest who will come to talk to us about a wide variety of topics, mainly related to people management, careers, labour market and several other subjects. Interested? Then, come and take this trip with us.

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Episode 4

Family Governance

Governance in family businesses

According to IAPMEI data, 75% of Portuguese companies are family businesses, representing two thirds of Portuguese GDP. Only 50% of family businesses survive into the second generation; and only 20% make it to the third.

According to Pordata data from 2018, Portuguese employers are the least educated in Europe (followed by Malta, Spain, Italy and Greece) and 55% per cent did not even have secondary education. The lack of management and leadership skills, the lack of medium/long-term vision, the emotiveness in decision-making, the lack of boundaries between what is family and what is business, are responsible for the failure of these organisations.

We invited @José Carlos Coelho, a C-Level Executive with a career divided between family and multinational organisations, in sectors from retail to aviation, with a dissertation in corporate governance, to come and talk to us about good governance practices in family businesses.