How to build a successful corporate academy


How to build a
corporate academy

Programmatic Contents

I. Corporate Academies and the role in formulating a talent development strategy in organisations;

II. Success Stories and benchmark international in Corporate Academies;

III. Creation of a structure, internal organisation and Governance of Corporate Academies;

IV. Design and implementation of modular competence development plans for hard e soft skills;

V. Modelling training content according to the objectives and culture of the organisation;

VI. The 70-20-10 model and the various existing methodologies for formal and informal learning in organisations;

VII. The importance of branding and a strong communication strategy for the success of the corporate Academies.

Building a Corporate Academy helps to develop a strategic plan for employee training and team development in an organisation, contributing to sustainable results consolidated through a strong employer branding.

At the same time, it raises talent management to a strategic level rather than a merely tactical one and allows for Senior Management sponsorship of major projects.